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.Descuento() 'DESCUENTO' .Where("Descuento = 1 AND NombreLike '%" + this.txtbox_nombre.Text + "%'") .Select(this.Desde, this.Hasta).FirstOrDefault(); string myString = ""; if (myRow!= null) { myString += myRow; } this.lbl_resultado.Text = myString; } A: You can do this using Linq to entities: var myRow = db.TblDescuentos.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Descuento == 1 && x.NombreLike == "mystring"); If you need to load the myRow outside the method you can store it in an object or class variable. A crash in the Arcadia neighborhood has reopened Interstate 10 near Sunset Road. Share Shares Copy Link {copyShortcut} to copy Link copied! Updated: 6:54 PM PST Dec 4, 2017 Hide TranscriptShow Transcript WEBVTT SOPHOMORE -- DRIVE THIS SOUTHBOUND ON I-10. MICHELLE: TONIGHT, POLICE SAY A DRIVER HEADED NORTHBOUND ON I-10 WAS DRIVING FAST BEFORE CRASHING INTO THE REAR OF ANOTHER CAR AT THE I-10 INTERSECTION. THE DRIVER OF THE OTHER CAR WAS TAKEN TO THE HOSPITAL. THIS IS A LIVE LOOK AT THE SCENE FROM LAST NIGHT. THE CRASH HAPPENED AROUND 5:50 P.M. AT THE I-10 INTERSECTION OF THE SUNSET ROAD. POLICE SAY THE VEHICLES ARE A MIX OF CARS, TRUCKS AND BIKES, BUT NO VEHICLES WERE INJURED. WE DO NOT KNOW WHETHER THE DRIVER OF THE CRASHED CAR WAS TAKEN TO THE HOSPITAL. INVESTIGATORS TELL ME THAT THAT CAR WAS HEADED NORTHBOUND.



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